Why is Garden Furniture So Expensive?


If your are going to purcharse garden furniture, you will find the price is expensive. There seems to be a big price difference between assemble rattan garden furniture and rattan garden furniture sets. 

How is it that these are all that expensive?

There are a number of reasons that outdoor furniture ends up costing so much money! Let me give you a example of our garden sectional sets.


Garden furniture Frame-Aluminum alloy frame VS metal frame

In order for garden furniture to last outdoors weather conditons, outdoor furniture material must stand up against sunlight, rain, snow to keep its great condition. The main material of garden furniture is frame and Resin Rattan.

All of Rattanyard garden furniture is aluminum alloy and  PE is powder-coated, ensures that the frame won’t rust while exposed to the elements.

However, most of poor-quality garden furniture use metal frame, especially cheap assemble garden furniture, and these metal frame will be rust just couple months.

The Durability of Rattan

It is hard for ordinary customers to measure the quality of rattan of garden furniture. The Rattan is important that will decide the furniture's looking and lifespan. Poor rattan strip will easily break or loose, then rattan color fade over.


In order to avoid such problems, all of our Rattan is powder-coating,  add a protective layer in addition to reducing the chance of colors fading over.

Handmade-weave rattan furniture

Outdoor rattan furniture is weaved completely by hand. According to our calculations, one skilled worker needs at least 5 days to complete the garden furniture set I mentioned above.

 Shipping Cost

Rattan Garden set usually is not heavy but huge size, UPS Ground is expensive to carry,  only Truck Transportation. Shipping cost of our 7 piece garden furniture set ship from our California warehouse to Washington  is at least $1000.


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