Solar Power Pump for Garden and Patio Fountain and Pool-Free Shipping



It floats on the water and does no need electricity. Will run automatically when the sunlight hits the solar panel . 

Just put the pump on the water, the fountain will auto-pump in 3 seconds once the solar panel gets sunlight.

The brighter the sun, the better the effect.


1. Leave it face to FULL sunlight. The pump does NOT store any power. Only when it faces full sunlight will the pump work.

2. Make sure the depth of water is enough to drive the pump.

3. Use clean and clear water to prevent the pump from stuck.

4. Press the pump underwater totally for a while to let it work.

5. Clean the filter cover regularly for better working and longer life.

The set includes:

Fountain Pump Brushless Pump*1

About this item:

  • Longer Use Time: The fountain is equipped with a filtration box, which can better block dust, dirt, and leaves. Regular cleaning the pump can extend the service life.
  •  Eco Friendly Fountain Pump: Driven by sunlight only. No battery or electricity needed. ( Do remember to let it FULLY expose to DIRECT sunlight or it won’t work.) Safe to family with child and pet. No plugs required make it easy to move to different locations.
  • Solar Power Pump presents a unique design in the market. With a rose picture in the middle of the solar panel makes it looks like a rose floating on water surface. A masterpiece to show your great taste.

Solar Power Pump for Garden and Patio Fountain and Pool-Free Shipping
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