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Email: support@rattanyard.com

Q. How are the orders shipped?

A.There are two methods of shipment, depending on what you order. 

Our furniture and bigger fire pits ship via freight. Freight delivery means the order will be placed on a customized crate, or palette. It will be picked up by a freight carrier, who will proceed to transport the order by land in a semi truck. The order moves from terminal to terminal until it arrives safely to your destination. 

Our small shipments, commonly our accessories, ship ground. These travel in their original box or packaging or in the packaging of the carrier used for the delivery, which can range between USPS, UPS or FedEx. 

Q: How will my items be delivered? 

A. Freight: Our most common delivery method for Freight orders on residential areas is curbside, Curbside delivery means the driver will be leaving the item at the edge of your driveway, they cannot go into your patio or property. This is due to the fact that the carrier does not carry liability insurance, therefore if any damages were to occur to the item or to your property during delivery, the driver would be personally liable for it. This delivery method requires an appointment with the carrier and a signature upon delivery.

If you would like delivery to your patio, please reach out to us, through our support email.

Small Shipments are often delivered to the front door  or mailbox, depending on the size; these do not require a signature or appointment.

Q. Are the cushion covers machine washable?

A. Yes, all covers have a zip and are machine washable on 30ºC in a washing machine or by hand. Do not tumble dry them though.

Q. Are the cushions waterproof?

A. No, the cushions are showerproof. This means that it is okay for them to get wet occasionally, but they cannot be left outside permanently. When they do get wet, it is important to let them dry properly and not cover them up. The life span of your cushions will reduce significantly if they are left outside, exposed to the elements.

Q. What are the black clips for that came with my sofa set?

A. The black clips keep the sofa sections together and go underneath the sofa, where the 2 sections meet.

Clips for the Sofa Sections Clips for the small grey rattan sofa sections

Q. What Warranty do you give?

A. We give a standard 1-year manufacturers warranty, but if anything happens after a year, please let us know and we will always see what we can do.

Q. Do I have to get my delivery tomorrow?

A. No, but if you prefer a different day, that won't be a problem either. Just let us know when you would like to receive it.

Q. Will the delivery driver help getting my new Garden Set into my garden?

A. No, we generally use the very reliable Fedex Ground network to get your furniture to you as quickly as possible and this a kerbside delivery. 

Q. Can you deliver on a Saturday?

A. Yes, we can deliver on Saturdays in most US postcode areas. This is not part of our standard free delivery service though. The delivery company charges us an extra £60 for this service, which we will have to pass on to you. Please inform before ordering if this service is available in your area.

Q. Can my 15 year old child sign for the delivery?

A. No, someone over 18 years old needs to be available to sign for the delivery.

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