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Waterproof Bug Zapper - Electric Mosquito Zappers Killer-Free Shipping



L x W x H: 11.02 x 6.34 x 6.18 inches

Product Highlights:

  • High intensity 20-watt ultraviolet bulb
  • Kills flying insects on contact
  • Perfect for home and patio
  • 360°all directions trapping
  • Attraction area up to 80m²
  • Use Indoor and rainproof for outdoor use
  • 2 IN 1 Mosquito killer with natural attractant
  • Safe for environment, No hazardous substances

The set includes:

Electric Bug Zapper*1PC

About this item

  • Foolproof Bug Zapper, just unplug, unscrew the bottom and dump bug bodies into soapy water; then use a small brush that comes with the unit to clean electrodes/grid
  • Electric Mosquito Bug Zapper, adopt a 15W energy-saving bulb and 4200V electric grid to rid your campsite or patio of the nastiest mosquitoes, gnats, fleas, flies, and moths.
  • Mosquito Attractant Lamp, easy-to-go with a nice ring on top for hanging and ABS housing to avoid unwanted electric shock.
  • Outdoor Insect Killer, specifically designed for outdoor activities with IPX4 water resistance to withstand storm wind and rain.
  • Plugged In Pest Killer, it’s silent unless the bigger bugs go in and make a crackle zapping sound. It’s the sweet sound of revenge for every mosquito bite on your skin.


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Waterproof Bug Zapper - Electric Mosquito Zappers Killer-Free Shipping
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