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How to Meausre Furniture for you Home Space

We was often asked, “Whether Rattanyard furniture could fit my space?” Taking measurements sound boring, but it is important to understand how to measure before your purchase new one or replace your old furniture. To make it easy, we write this easy-to-follow tips as a reference.

Rattanyrad Furrniture Size

If you are going to purchase our sectional sets for your home, you may be confused about its size and do not know how to choose. Please concentrated on piece number of sectional sets because same piece number means the same top view/ layout. There are 3 types peice number in our sectional sets, that is 4 piece, 6 piece and 7 piece sofa sets, check below. According to our furniture’s size, Please:

For all 4 piece sectional set, arrange 7.7feet x 7.7feet area to space.

For all 6/7 piece sectional set, arrange10.8 feet x 12.8feet area to space.

1.Reference: 4 piece sofa sets


2.Reference: 6 piece sofa sets


3.Reference: 7 piece sofa sets


Measure Entries, Passages and Elevator

For other parameter, like height and length. Please notice all of seats height is 66cm(26 inch) and and max length is 59 feet.

And these parameters are for you to measure entries and passages. It is very important to get accurate measurements for entries and passages because your furniture will have to pass through these to get to where you have planned to place it ultimately.

Be sure to account for max height(59"), max width (31"), max DH(66") of sectional sets in your entries and passages.

If your are living a apartment and need a elevator to deliver out sectional sets, you also need to measure your elevator’s height and depth, check whether it could hold max height(59"), max width (31"), max DH(66") of sectional sets.

After knows the size of your passages, entries and elevator, the next step is to measure the space you will put our sectional sets. It is easy part, you could download app like RoomScan Pro to measure space

we suggest allow at least 4" of space between your furniture and the doorways/ hallways to move your furniture safely and comfortably.

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