Can I leave Rattan Garden Furniture Outside in Winter?


We are always asked if the rattan garden furniture could be left out in winter.  Our answers is that depend on your rattan material and frame of garden furniture.

Why? There are 2 main elements must be considered. That is rattan and frame.

Poor rattan furniture will be easily break or loose in winter?

The rattan Thermal contraction occurs when winter temperate cool the material down, which cause the poor rattan break.

Summer Thermal expansion occurs when hot sunlight heat a material and it cause the poor rattan be loose.

So rattan of garden furniture must be all-weather properties and powder-coating. Like our garden furntiure sectional set, you could left it out in winter.


Dont leave garden furniture of metal frame out in winter

Garden furniture are usually made from aluminium. Aluminium does not rust and therefore it is fine to leave outside in the cold and wet weather. However, some of garden furniture are made from metal, and the customer will end up costing more for its short lifespan.

Protect your rattan garden furniture in winter

Please be relax to leave our rattan garden furniture ouside in winter for its rustproof aluminum frame and power coating Rattan. For further protecting, we recommend buy our customized rain cover to cover during the winter.


The simplest way,  store your garden furniture in a garden shed.

Leave garden furniture cushions outside in winter?

Dont left your garden furniture cushions outside in winter or rainy day. Because the rattan garden cushions are not completely waterproof. Once leave outside too long, it could collect dirt such as leaves. We recommend taking the cushions off and storing them indoors when not in use.

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