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Can I leave Patio Furniture Outside in Winter?

We are always asked if the patio furniture could be left out in winter. 

The best choice is to store them indoor as winter weather could be harmful to your outdoor furniture.

You can leave all our patio furniture outside all year round without weathering, but the external elements like hurricanes may blow them away them, that will create so many problems to find these outdoor sectionals scattered across the yard.

To keep your patio set safe during storm winter, try these tips:

  • Place a heavy-duty cover over your furniture

Protect outdoor sectionals with a heavy rain coverThis will help keep your outdoor pieces dry and will secure them in place.  Please weigh each piece down by using a sandbag or other heavy object.

  • Put Furniture in the Corner

Stack your chairs in the intersection of the walls when you know a storm is approaching. This way, they can remain outdoors without causing you to worry about them catching the brunt of powerful wind gusts that have been blowing your furniture away and leaving it scattered all over the yard.

  • Move to indoor

If possible, move your paito furniture to indoor space with a severe weather threat approaching. Our patio furniture is lightweight and is easy to remove. You may see our patio furniture being used for indoor home furnishing. 

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