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Tips for Buying Outdoor Garden Furniture

The perfect patio furniture brings comfort and function to your outdoor spaces. Buying outdoor furniture is like buying house, need the time to fingure out. Thoughtful planning will help make your backyard your new space for party, dining, and entertaining. The following tips for you to choose the garden furniture.

1. Measure your outdoor space

Once you know exactly how much space you have in the major outdoor areas around your home, you can quickly assess how much furniture will fit there, and what the ideal use for the space will be.

For example, Our 6 piece Garden furntiure set size as below, leave 12.8*12.8 feet to put it.

Keep in mind that you should leave enough space between furniture for family and guests to easily move around without hassle. We recommend leaving at least 30 inches between seating like stool, bench or tabel for easy access.

 2. furniture materials & weather

The main types of material for outdoor furniture: teak, eucalyptus, stainless steel, aluminum, wrought iron, wicker, synthetic resin. Each material has its materials properies that make it ideal for certain climates and outdoor situation.

  • 2.1 Garden furniture frame

Cheap garden furniture's frame usually is steel or wronght iron without powder coated, these frame is easily rusted exposed to the elements.

These steel frame outdoor furniture you can often see it reach best seller on Amazon, wayfair, etc.

Price to determine quality of patio furniture.

You will see quality garden furniture use teak, aluminum to make its main frame and it will keep gorgeous for years.

  • 2.2 Furniture Pillow and cushion

Outdoor cushions and pillows are just as important as the furniture itself. 

This cheap cover comes from Amazon best seller in paito furniture, which lead to mold and mildew due to a lack of water resistant properties. 

It is hard to remove these stains,  and its color will gradually fade and loose just couple of month in the sun.

Don't buy the patio furniture that is hard to maintain and it is not durable enough to last outdoor.

  • 2.3 Assembled design- not secure

In order to save shipping cost, most outdoor garden furniture sofa set use assembled plan. However, poor design lead to the furniture can not hold weight very well, even not secure.

It is important to note that a key disadvantage of ready-to-assemble products is that they could not be compared to the overall built quality and workmanship of high-end furniture. 

its screw may loose or rust just couple of months.

2.4 Weather

You Also must consider weather before choose furntiure material. Is your weather hot and dry, or do you live near the coast? Does it rain often? Does the midday sun beat down on your outdoor space?

In order to strong outdoor furniture's corrosion resistance. All of Rattanyard furniture are sealed with powder coating and frame is aluminum alloy.


3.Easy-Care Outdoor Furniture

Summertime living is meant to be easyOutdoor furniture is essential to making that happen. So how to buy low maintenace patio furniture?

Most of the patio furniture is made by rattan or wicker, and these forgiving material are easy to clean and will look wonderful for years.

Our patio furniture simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and you're good to go.


4.Pay Attention to Comfort & Family Members

You will be using your outdoor furniture for party, birthday, family gathering etc. So you must consider seaters and comfort.

All of our garden furniture  come with soft cushion and pillow and is All-weather fabric, it means low maintenance.

For most of party and family gathering, we reccommend 8 seaters garden furniture.


But if you are living alone, our 2 seaters conversation set will  save your money.


5. Budget

Experts reveal that outdoor furniture will always be a wise investment. However, if you choose cheap furniture may end up costing you more. You’ll notice that there’s a huge range in prices with different frame and cushion.

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