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How To Repair Rattan & Wicker Furniture - Tools and tutorial

Outdoor garden furniture made with rattan and wicker are popular for its elegant design and easy maintenance for outdoor space. 

Although patio furniture 's wicker and aluminum frame are weather-resistant, the wicker or rattan might get frayed or break over time exposure to the outdoor condition. It is easy to repair the rattan garden furniture by replacing the synthetic rattan.

The following is our tutorial with repair tools to repair wicker furniture just couple minutes, hope it is helpful for you.

01 What You'll Need

Repair wicker funiture, synthetic rattan is not enough, you need other tools, we list below for your reference and your can buy from our store.

  • Plastic Wicker Rattan
  • Scissors
  • Wood glue
  • weave tool

02 Choose Rattan & Wicker

Before Fix your Rattan Furniture, the first step is to choose Synthetic Rattan or wicker that its color is similar to your wicker furniture. Similar rattan or wicker will make your fixing furniture looks natural.



03 Replacement Tutorial

Step1: Cut away the broken or damaged rattan or wicker strip under the Weave Rattan to hide the replacement.

Step2: Spread the wood glue on the front side at the end of new rattan, then hide the cutting under weaving rattan and press the glued section, letting the glue dry and harden for 5 minutes.

Step 3: Weave the rest of the new strand into your furniture, then repeat the step 2.


Step 4: To be safe, please wait 30 minutes for the glue to dry and rattan strip connect harden.

 04 Video Tutorial

Please check our video tutorial to repair wicker patio furniture if you still don't know how to fix. This video comes from our factory worker. 


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14 Aug 2023 Tracy K. Hopper
I purchased this item to repair the set of 5 outdoor chairs, original rattan material over the years became brittle and therefore unsafe to sit on. Fixed my patio furniture and saved us a ton of money.
14 May 2023 donna

This wicker repair kit is amazing! It was so easy to use and my patio furniture looks brand new.

14 May 2023 greatlakes gal

The kit came with everything I needed, highly recommend its wicker repair kits to anyone looking to fix up their outdoor furniture.

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