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Replacement Rattan Patio Furniture Chair Legs

With the weather becoming brighter and the sun even making a regular appearance, it is probably time to check on your garden furniture. You maybe could't bare to see patio sectional and want to gave it a new looking. Here is the case that our cumstomers who gave her rattan paito furniture a new life.

There are a range of methods you can choose to refresh your garden furniture's looking and color to keep it gorgeous. However, it is rare to change chairs leg and looks better than our original design.

The following rattan garden furniture bought from us in 2020. It keeps well, then the one day our inbox received a message that she wants to change its furniture's looking and wants to listen our suggestions.

Our suggestions replaced that aluminum chair legs by teak wood material. As you know, Teak is a rich golden-brown coloured wood, it is mainly used when durability and weather resistance are required.

Moreover, wood furniture can improve the beauty of the home.

Finally, our customer adopted our plan but not used teak wood. After a few hours of replacement, its ratttan garden furniture looks better.

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