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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Steel/Iron Frame Assembled Garden Furniture

Rattan furniture — it’s the perfect mix of gorgeous and practical. But since the best-quality rattan often costs more than people feel they can justify, many customers end up purchasing the option with the lowest price tag instead. But here’s why you shouldn’t buy cheap, assembled Iron/steel frame garden furniture.

It Won’t Last Long- Poor Material

Rattan struggles with damp climates at the best of times, and when you buy the cheap stuff, there’s a high chance weather damage will affect it within the first few months or years. Manufacturers know this and rarely give a good guarantee. 

You maybe surprise to find that our rattan garden furniture price is expensive than other ecommerce platform like Amazon, wayfair.

Here is the reasons:

1. Garden furniture frame- Steel or Aluminum

This 5 Pieces Patio Furniture Sets is the best seller in patio sofas on Amazon, just $419.99. 

Reference: amazon, click to view

And you will see its frame material is steel without powder coating. These steel frame garden furniture will rust just a couple of months exposed to outdoor weather.

So don't buy steel frame garden furniture.


2. Rattan Guality- Recycled or original Rattan

Recycled rattan means poor quality, and its rattan will break easily during rain, sun, and snow. 

Usually, the seller will not list the rattan quality, it is hard to value.


3. Poor Assemble design

As if the lack of durability wasn’t bad enough, cheap, assembled rattan furniture simply isn’t very comfortable to sit on. Manufacturers cut corners when making designs and choosing materials, resulting in seating that you probably don’t want to sit on for more than an hour at the time.

4. Poor Cushion and Pillow

Although Outdoor Cushion Materials may look the same, but the poor cushion and pillow for garden furniture can lead to mold and mildew due to a lack of water resistant properties.

Moreover,  these poor Outdoor Cushion Materials will also fade and loose color in the sun after one or two Summer seasons.

Rattanyard garden furniture use foam cushions which density reach 27+, use Tenara Sewing Thread and Dacron cushions.

This combination offers the absolute best blend of style, aesthetic, and all-weather qualities.

Think Long-Term, Choose Quality

So, if cheap, assembled rattan isn’t the perfect outdoor furniture you thought it was, what should you choose instead? Something with better quality — it might seem more expensive than first, but the cost evens out considering it lasts much longer.

Be sure to check out our range of patio furniture pieces, which range from L-shaped sofas to chairs to loveseats — all made of the highest-quality materials we can source.

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